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Everyone hears this often enough, BUY LOCAL.  But do you listen, much less understand the implications if you don't.  The internet is so easy, and often (unless shipping charges are involved) cheaper than the local place.  And how often have you come into a place of business to get expert advice, and go home and order it, or even go to your local box store to purchase said item.  And maybe save a buck.

BUY LOCAL means keeping your money invested and flowing in a smaller more local environment.  Why is this important?  Because, it may keep your neighbor, your son or daughter, even you employed.  I don't know of anyone, who isn't themselves, or someone they personally know, not involved in the sale of or exchange of goods and services of some kind.  For instance I went into a local store to purchase a new computer, when I asked the salesman if they had any extra memory to purchase.  He said: "No they didn't, but I could go online to buy it"  My reply was:  "I do not buy online unless I cannot find what I am looking for locally.  Because if I buy online, you will lose your job!  (At which he took a step back.) And if you lose your job you will not ever be able to come into my store to purchase from me.  And I can guarantee you that that dot-com place in California or India will never be in my store."

Does this mean I am selfish? Greedy? No, it means I need your support just to make a living, and by my making a living and then shopping locally, means that I am helping you keep your job, so then you can also make a living, and that you will also hopefully do the same for your neighbor, so that she will also pass that flow of money to your mother, who works at the diner, who spends that money at the hardware store, who in turn spends it at the grocery where your son works.  See how it all ties in.  But break this thin string by buying online and you have helped ensure someone will lose their job.

And do not discount the value of local expert advice, it has value.  And it adds value to your
purchase.  While it is true that you can have ten expert advices and none agree with each other.  The internet has tens of thousands of them and you can't look them in the eye.  It takes minutes instead of seconds to get an answer to your question, and you don't have to worry about mistyping.  And if your local expert should go out of business, think of your added expenses.  For instance, you need a tube or a brake cable installed, so you bring it to me and I will have it back to you within 2 days (usually).  $6.99 for the tube + $8.00 labor = $15.47 with tax.  What if I am no longer here?  That means a trip to Indy (about 45 miles through traffic) leave the bike and come back in 2 weeks to get it.  That is 45 miles times 4 = 180 miles at $2.99 / gal with a vehicle that gets, oh let's say 25 mpg.  180/25=7.2 gal x 2.99 = $21.52 added to your repair bill, and their repair bill is higher.

It gets more complicated. By purchasing online, many online companies do not pay state sales tax.  Great!  Less taxes!  Now I have to agree taxes suck.  But the state of Indiana is not in a habit of raising taxes to send overseas to foreign countries in the form of foreign aid to a bunch of people who hate our guts, like the federal; government does (talk about sending your money out of the community).  If you look at your paycheck stub you will see that the state gets very little of the money compared to the bully (feds), who wants all of your lunch money.  Now the state spends its taxes on it's citizens.  Roads are fixed, schools are funded, parks are maintained, etc.  The people who work for the state get paid and spend their money (hopefully) within the state, adding to the flow of money within their communities that may help keep your job.

One last thing: BUY LOCAL can also imply BUY AMERICAN!  The federal government did each of us no favors when they passed the NAFTA agreement.  The large greedy companies whom always want more profits began closing at an alarming rate our factories:  steel, auto, textile to name just a few.  The big box stores jumped on the band wagon and began selling low cost, low quality products.  They advertise: YOU DESERVE LOW PRICES!              NO, I DON'T,  I don't make a lot of money, so what I deserve is a product that is built to last.  Something I don't have to replace after a few years.  We are a great country that made great products, something we could be proud of.  We sold out!

With the loss of higher paying factory jobs, money gets siphoned off to China, Indonesia and elsewhere.  Your neighbors, your father, perhaps yourself are out of work; thank you mr. president, mr. congressman.  They won't tell you to buy American, because they sold our country out.  You will even have great difficulty in finding American-made, because it is gone.  It is interesting the several foreign companies are willing to invest in America.  But the rich Americans, wants more, so he will close his company down and move operations away.  Interesting!

BUY LOCAL and if you can find it and afford it PLEASE BUY AMERICAN1  WE DO MAKE HIGH QUALITY!

I am not sorry about the long speech.  This is IMPORTANT!  You can reach me at (765)644-0230. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: bicycledepot@comcast.net.   We are at 5107 Columbus Avenue, Anderson, IN 46013.  

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.