Service is the heart of a Bike Shop.  It is what makes us different from the department store, or the internet.  Knowledge, skill of hands and the proper tools is what separates us from the shade tree mechanic, and a hammer.  An amatuer practices until he gets it right, a professional practices until he can't get it wrong.

Lookover:  $30.00 -- only for the finest road bikes that have little adjustments needed

Brake System Tune:  $40.00 --
good braking requires more than just adjusting the brakes & levers. it also includes proper rim true, and bearing adjustment

Gear System Tune:  $40.00 --
good shifting is not just shifters & derailleurs but also rear wheel and crank bearings and proper alignment if dropout

Check Up:  $50.00 --
a basic tune up with out tire and tube changes

Tune Up:  $60.00 --
a basic tune up that includes tire & tube changes

Major Tune Up:  $75.00 --
an advanced tune up that includes tire & tube changes and unsticking the shift levers as well as any bike that has been seriously injured in a crash

Overhaul:  $125.00 -- this is a complete overhaul of all four bearings on a bike (some bikes have sealed units that cannot be done) plus a tune up

Bearing Overhaul (crank, front or rear hub, or headset):  $15.00 + parts
Brake set (lever, caliper and cable) installed:  $15.00 per set
Brake (lever, or caliper) installed:  $12.00
Brake cable installed:  $12.00
Brake set Adjusted:  $10.00
Chain Cleaned:  $8.00
Chain Installed:  $3.00
Drive Train (Front or Rear: Deraillier, Shifter & Cable) installed:  $25.00
Drive Component (Front or Rear; Derailleur or Shifter) installed:  $15.00
Gear Cable installed:  $12.00
Gears Adjusted (each):  $10.00
True Wheel:  $12.00
Machine True (rebend the rim):  $25.00
Replace 1-4 spokes:  Front:  $14.00     Rear:  $15.00
Rebuild Wheel:  $30.00
Tire/Tube repair (off bike):  $4.00
Tire/Tube repair (front):  $6.00
Tire/Tube repair (rear):  $8.00

  • Check Up:  The 22 Point Inspection

    1.   Adjust front wheel bearings, best possible
    2.   Adjust rear wheel bearings, best possible
    3.   Adjust crank bearings
    4.   Adjust headset bearings
    5.   Adjust and center front brake calipers
    6.   Adjust and center rear brake calipers
    7.   Adjust front derailleur
    8.   Adjust rear derailleur
    9.   Inspect tires for wear
    10. Inspect tubes for proper inflation
    11. Install brake cables as needed
    12. Install brake shoes as needed
    13. Install gear cables as needed
    14. Install (if needed) one major component: wheel, derailleur, or brake
    15. Lubricate drive train and brake system
    16. Tighten accessories and parts as needed
    17. Tighten brake levers
    18. Tighten seats and seatposts as needed
    19. Tighten shift levers as needed
    20. Tighten stem and handlebars as needed (and inspect that stem is not above minimum insertion mark)
    21. Tighten Wheel Axle Nuts
    22. True minor front and rear misalignments
  • Tune Up:
    1. All the features of the CHECK UP
    2. Install Tires & Tubes
  • Major Tune Up:

    1.  All of the features of a Tune Up,
    2.  More than one component being replaced (wheel, derailleur, brake)
    3.  Major tune up is for the very neglected bike with lots of rust, or serious damage from a wreck, but does not include charges for frame/fork straightening
  • Overhaul:

    1.  Includes the tune Up package
    2. Overhauls wheel, crank, and headset bearings, installs new grease, and replaces any damaged parts.  Parts are extra.  No damaged part will be reused.

We offer many other services than these; these are just the most often asked for services. Please stop by to get your bike tuned up. Thank you for your interest!