Bike ShopsToy Stores
Train their people to match your kind of riding to all possible bicycle choices

Carefully fit your bike to you.  This is vital to your safety, comfort and fun. Quality bikes are built in many sizes to fit you.

Provide you honest information, have more types of bikes for different kinds of riding, and lets you test ride your choices'

Quality bikes are repairable, worth repairing, and built with better, more durable parts that are less prone to malfunction or need repair

Bike shops have expert, trained technicians to build and repair bicycles

Correct, safe bicycle assembly by a bike shop takes an average of an hour per bicycle and is free!

ALL NEW BIKES need adjustments of gears, brakes, spokes, bearings, etc. after an initial 100 miles of use to operate properly and last.  Bike shop warranties cover FREE adjustments, parts and labor if problems do occur.

Properly assembled and maintained bikes last and last and last...

Bike shops teach correct operation, safe use and care, and adjust your bike to fit you

One bicycle that fits, lasts longer, and 'holds up' through many seasons use (and still has a resale value) costs less!
Their sales clerks are trained to stock shelves!

Bikes are "one size fits all" and they offer little to no frame size.  That's like Nike making only 6 shoe sizes!

Have few bike-type choices available for test rides, but might offer a choice of colors!

"Toy Store" bikes are often non fixable, off brand, "odd-ball" bikes that are often NOT WORTH REPAIRING!

Toy stores have none!

Toy stores 'throw together' about 10 bikes an hour, and most charge extra for assembly!  Some bike shops would charge up to $65 to assemble such a bike!

Expect bike adjustments to cost an EXTRA $13 to $25...and most toy stores don't repair them!  DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS HIDDEN EXPENSE!  And they can only give you another 'bike in a box' when you get stuck with a lemon!

'Toy Store' bikes often malfunction, need costly repairs, and DON'T LAST!

Clerks spend little or no time with you, and you get what you pay for!

Their bikes fall apart, are sometimes not FIXABLE, are often DISPOSABLE, and their frequent repair or replacement costs you money!

Also remember bicycles share the road with other users, make sure your bike functions properly; those other users are much bigger than you!

Well, it happened.  I have tried to tell you all about supporting the local economy and avoiding low-cost cheap bikes, but it has fallen on deaf ears.  I have lost the ownership of bicycle depot to the previous owner whom has renamed the store Anderson Bicycle Shop & Repair.  Good Luck to the new owner